Thursday, November, 30,2023

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Gehlot inspects site ahead of Kharge, RaGa’s rally in Jpr

Jaipur: Regarding the PM’s visit to Jaipur on Sept 25, CM Gehlot said that PM Modi & Home Minister Amit Shah should set up camp in Raj itself. “Why are you troubling yourself coming here again & again? Modi had done the same in Gujarat also. The big thing is that Modi has targeted me along with Raj,” CM told media. Gehlot took stock of arrangements regarding Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s meet to be held on September 23. “A big welcome gate should be built for masses as it will be a historic meet for Rajasthan. Congress Nat’l Prez Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, senior Cong leaders and officials were present.

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