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Gehlot highlights success of Chiranjeevi, clears false info about his surgery

Jaipur: Former CM Ashok Gehlot attacked the BJP government, addressing incorrect statements made about his medical history during a pre-budget discussion. Gehlot pointed out that during the discussion, a doctor made factually inaccurate claims about his surgery, which were subsequently reported in the media. Clarifying the timeline, Gehlot stated, “My hernia operation was conducted in February 2019, while the Chiranjeevi scheme was initiated in May 2021.”

He went on to detail his health issues, including arterial blockages, fractured toes, and happy hypoxia following COVID-19, all of which were treated at SMS Hospital. “I was admitted there for some days and received treatment utilizing govt schemes,” he added. Highlighting impact of Chiranjeevi scheme, Gehlot emphasized, “This scheme has significantly improved the lives of millions. Without it, countless poor and middle-class families would have had to sell their land and property for medical treatments.”

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