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Gautam Adani, Japanese envoy Hiroshi Suzuki hold talks on renewable energy project

New Delhi: Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group, recently took to social media platform X to share insights from his meeting with Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki of Japan.

The discussion was held during the Ambassador's visit to the Mundra Port and the site of the world's largest Hybrid Renewable Energy Park in Khavda.

"Had a very engaging discussion with Amb Hiroshi Suzuki of Japan. We are grateful for his visit to our Mundra Port and to Khavda where we are building the world's largest Hybrid Renewable Energy Park of 30 GW capacity. The Ambassador's appreciation for India's culture, the value he places on our partnership and his tremendous support for India are truly inspiring. @HiroSuzukiAmbJP," Adani Group chairman said in a post on X on Wednesday.

In his post, Adani expressed gratitude for Ambassador Suzuki's visit to these key locations, emphasizing the importance of their partnership in driving forward innovative and sustainable initiatives.

The planned 30 GW capacity Renewable Energy Park represents a step towards achieving renewable energy goals, and Adani underscored the value of Ambassador Suzuki's support in this endeavour.

Furthermore, Adani highlighted the Ambassador's appreciation for India's rich cultural heritage and emphasized the importance of fostering strong partnerships based on mutual respect and shared goals.

The positive sentiments exchanged during the meeting serve as a testament to the growing cooperation between India and Japan in the realm of renewable energy and sustainable development.

Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki's visit to the Mundra Port and the Khavda project site signifies Japan's interest and support in India's renewable energy sector. 

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