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Gadgets not smarter than you, use wisely: PM Modi encourages students for self belief

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday encouraged the students to believe in their strengths and use electronic gadgets wisely and smartly.
"People in India spend an average of six hours on screen. This is a matter of concern. Why be a slave of gadgets when God has given us an independent existence and individuality with immense potential?" PM Modi said during the sixth edition of the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' programme in the national capital. He further said that the average six-hour screen time for gadget users in our country is "meaningless" that benefits only the makers.
"There is an average of six hours of screen time for a gadget user in our country now. This certainly reflects the amount of time and energy any person drains out meaninglessly and without productivity. This a matter of deep concern and a threat to the creativity of the people," PM Modi said adding that any person would feel "bliss" once he or she frees the self from the clutches of the misuse of technology.
"The moment you feel bliss, you will attain true freedom, he continued.
Further, motivating the students for believing in themselves and their intelligence, the Prime Minister advised them to use the gadgets wisely.
He also enlightened the student to believe in their smartness and underlined the major mistake the students make by relying on gadgets.
"You have to decide who among you and the gadgets is smarter. Sometimes you believe that the gadgets are smarter- this is where the mistake starts. You will get better results once you start using the gadgets smartly," he said.
He reiterated to the students that the gadgets are means to help any person in the journey towards excellence and they can be used in a comparatively better way if used with the presence of mind.
Talking further, PM Modi suggested the students create a "No technology zone" so that they can spend considerate time with their family without the distraction from gadgets.
Earlier, he also addressed the issue of cheating during examinations and said that times have changed, one has to give exams at every step and those who cheat will pass one or two exams but will never be able to pass life.
"Some students use their creativity for 'cheating' in examinations but if those students use their time and creativity in a good way they will achieve heights of success. We should never opt for shortcuts in life, focus on ourselves. Those who work hard will certainly have a blessed life, a life filled with colours," said PM Modi.
PM Modi further said that the students who are dedicated will definitely achieve the best and the difference in numbers does not matter.
The difference of 2-3 marks in exams between you and your peers doesn't matter in life in the long run. Those who are dedicated will definitely achieve the best, said PM Modi.
He also cheered up the students to never underestimate their potential and said: "Our country, which the world called 'Average' is shining globally now! So, never underestimate your potential. Times change and everyone has some extraordinary skills; the thing is that you need to recognize those."
Later, he also addressed the concerns surrounding criticisms, he said that there is a deep and thick line between 'Criticism' and 'Blame'.
"Don't pay attention to habitual critics... We should never lose our focus. I also urge the parents that you cannot 'mold' your children through gossip," he said. (ANI)

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