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Forum for expression of country's feelings: Karnataka CM Bommai on 'Mann ki Baat'

Haveri: The 'Mann ki Baat' is a forum for the expression of the country's feelings, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Sunday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation in the historic 100th episode of 'Mann Ki Baat' and said that his radio programme is the "Mann Ki Baat" of millions of Indians and an expression of their emotions. While talking to the reporters, CM Bommai said, "The 'Mann ki Baat' is heard in every house in the country as it is the expression of the country. It is also the platform to hear people's problems and to suggest solutions."
Lauding the program further, Bommai said, "The program connects to the country those doing small jobs in villages and has helped many to change their jobs to become self-employed. This is an excellent program. The entire country will get inspiration if they find a perfect place to exchange thoughts. It is open to everyone."
The Karnataka CM stated that PM Modi is a great leader and must be complimented for conducting the 100th edition of the program.
The Prime Minister said he received thousands of letters and messages from the people and was "swept away by emotions" while reading them. He said that the people of the country have to be congratulated for the 100th episode of his monthly radio programme that began on October 3, 2014.
"Today is the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat. I have got thousands of letters, lakhs of messages. I have tried to go through more and more of them. I got emotional while reading your letters on many occasions, was swept away by emotions, and then held myself. You have congratulated me on the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat, but all the listeners, our countrymen deserve to be congratulated. Mann Ki Baat is the 'Mann Ki Baat of millions of Indians and the expression of their emotions," PM Modi said.
The programme, which started on October 3, 2014, has become a key pillar of the government's citizen-outreach programme addressing multiple social groups such as women, youth, and farmers and has spurred community action. (ANI)

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