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Former Australian PM Tony Abbott interacts with JP Nadda in Delhi

New Delhi: Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott met and interacted with BJP national president JP Nadda under the 'Know BJP' campaign at the party's headquarters in the national capital on Saturday.
Tony Abbott is an Australian politician from the Liberal Party of Australia.
He has served as a member of the Australian House of Representatives (1994-2019). He was the Prime Minister of Australia from 2013 to 2015. He also held the position of Leader of the Opposition from 2009-2013.
Earlier in the day, Vijay Chauthawala in-Charge, Foreign Affairs Dept, BJP told ANI that this event is in continuation of BJP President Nadda Ji's "Know BJP" initiative to give an authentic perspective of the BJP to overseas audience.
The initiative was launched last year in April on the Foundation Day of the party by the BJP chief.
Through the 'Know BJP' initiative it tries to strengthen its bilateral relations with various countries as well as inform the world about its ideology and functioning.
Earlier on January 27, JP Nadda interacted with the students of Delhi University under the "Know BJP" initiative at the party headquarters in the national capital.
He introduced the students to the BJP's ideology, principles, mission, and work culture.
Nadda discussed BJP's work culture with the students and said that the BJP governments at the Centre and in the States are dedicated to the empowerment and welfare of all sections of the society, particularly villagers and farmers, Dalits and Tribals, youth and women, backward and oppressed classes.
Nadda said that the nine years of the Narendra Modi government are full of accomplishments and achievements and are devoted to the service of all communities, good governance and welfare and empowerment of the poorest of the poor.
Nadda also told the students how the BJP functions and how the party works as an important bridge between the government and the people of the country. (ANI)

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