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FI’s reporting gets EC’s ‘approval’!

Jaipur: Once again, First India has established its hold in the media world since in its June 12 issue, First India had carried the report that DoP has sent a panel of three IAS for the next Election Commissioner of the state. The report had also revealed that the three names are of officials from batches of the year 1995, 1997 and 1998. The report had also hinted that one of these IAS is posted outside of the Secretariat.

The newly appointed CEO Naveen Mahajan is an IAS of 1997 batch and serving as CMD of Warehousing Corporation outside of the Secretariat. As of now, the biggest responsibility for Mahajan would be to get by-polls conducted for five vacant seats in the state assembly.

Now the most talked about topic in the bureaucratic circles is as to what responsibility will be handed to IAS Praveen Gupta in the Bhajan Lal government considering that Gupta was Secretary - Finance (Revenue) - for complete five year term of the previous Vasundhara Raje government. Word is that a major transfer list of senior IAS may be released any time now.

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