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“I am happy about all the female adulation” says Kartik Aaryan about his relationship status

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Kartik Aaryan is a Bollywood heartthrob who has had a consistently growing fan following since his first film Pyaar Ka Punchnama. The actor now is coming up for the first time with a horror-comedy that is sure to tickle everyone’s funny bones. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 starring Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani and Tabu in pivotal roles is releasing soon on May 20, 2022. While promoting his upcoming film, Kartik Aaryan sat down with Ashish Tiwari from First India Filmy to talk about Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, his crazy female fan following, relationship status and many others.

First of all, how tired are you?

I haven’t slept for the past 48 hours because the promotions of the title track were very important. But because it has gotten such great reactions, I feel very energetic about everything. I am very elated by the response as you feel that you have done well with your every work. But that validation from the audience is important. And the way people have responded to the song since its launch yesterday, everyone is happy with it.




When the original song came, there was this craze about it in younger generations. And now that your version has come and people are loving it, what would you say?

Everyone is even looking at it differently. I mean, of course, there is a sense of nostalgia attached to it which we did not ruin by unnecessary beats and that was a great decision. With the swag that the song emanates and the way it has grabbed people’s attention, I feel like the song is fulfilling its purpose.




The way you interact with your fans during promotions and even during normal meetings, everyone can see the connection you have with them. How do you manage to keep yourself ‘the people’s star’?

I do not try to form that connection; it comes out very naturally. Because I am someone who came from a crowd of fans, there is a relatability factor there. I have been a fan in the crowd, so I have seen films from that side. Now to be a part of those films, I can relate to the people who now are that crowd of fans. Whenever I meet a fan, I see my past self in them. Even yesterday when I met all my fans, talking and interacting with them made me feel empowered. I just look at them as an extended family of mine where the unconditional love is mutual.




Do you feel any pressure to constantly keep yourself relevant in the eyes of fans and keep giving good films to them?

Of course, there is the pressure when making movies. Like if no one likes a certain film of mine, there is pressure of why did they not like it and what difference can I bring out that fans would love to see. I also many times fear that I may lose that relatability factor I have with my fans. Because right now I am at a point where the audience and I can relate to each other. I am the part of that audience who goes to the theatre to watch films. So, I fear, that maybe in the future, probably 5-10 years later I may lose that touch.


Is that why you choose films that the masses would love?

Of course! There is an appeal to mass entertainers. Be it Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety or Luka Chuppi and even Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 now, they all are mass entertainers. Such a wide range of films which can also be called family entertainers is something that everyone loves, there are no specifications of who should watch and who shouldn’t. I have spent my childhood watching such movies, I guess, this is why I love to be a part of them too.


Should we call this your destiny or your strategy that such scripts find their way to you?

I feel it is a mix of both. It is not like, “if it isn’t written in your destiny, you won’t get it”, many a time you have to be at the right place at the right time. I think that when you work towards something with dedication, you would definitely get it. People get to know that there is this actor who likes to work on such films so they offer you the kind that you want. I feel blessed that I am getting the chance to work on such scripts and act in such films and portray such characters.


Comedy is not an easy genre to act in and you have been shining in comedy films for years now. But you also have not created that niche for yourself and have also proven that you could do something serious as Dhamaka. So, what would you like to say about it?

I feel like the success of these films has led me to more opportunities. Currently, I am choosing films based on the scripts rather than the genre. My only conscious decision is that I want to entertain, it may be comedy or thriller, the only goal is to entertain. When choosing films, what I think is whether the script is keeping me engaged. If it is, I would love to do it. This is why I chose Dhamaka because it was a fully engaging film although I had never a character like the one, I played in the film. But even though I am exploring other genres, I am not going to stop doing comedy films because I, personally, love rom-com and they definitely are a difficult genre to crack. By I would love to keep doing it.


Your films like Freddy, Captain India and Dhamaka, are they an answer to all the critics who used to tag you in a specific genre?

It is not like an answer to them. It is just that I won’t leave a good script. If they keep coming my way, I am going to keep doing them. Even if it’s from the same genre, I’ll do them and if it’s from a different genre, I’d still do them. Everyone takes a different interpretation of your actions. If I got to search for an answer for them, they would come up with a new question. It would be an endless chase.

But I also like when they say that I fit perfectly in a specific genre. It is like a compliment to me. People usually take that stereotypically and negatively but my beliefs are totally opposite. I feel like if someone says I am good at rom-com then I feel like I should do more of them.


Your acting in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 looks effortless because the film is a horror-comedy. It looks like you are playing on your turf…

Of course, if I play well on my turf, why should I leave it! The idea is that do what you are good at but also choose films from other genres if they come across you and if you like the story. I am just exploring here and if I am getting good offers, why should I ignore them!


Your contemporaries, be it, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor, everyone is married. You are Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor after Salman Khan. So, are you really single or is there love in the air?

I am single, like, really really single. I am just happy about all the female adulation I have gotten since my first film. The fact that they like both, my reel and real character are what makes me glad and I hope it continues till the end.


When Bhool Bhulaiyaa had come in 2007, you weren’t a part of the film industry. Are there any memories associated with the film?

It was the first horror-comedy film that I had watched and I absolutely loved it. I and my whole family had watched it together so there are these memories attached to the film.

Now this film that Anees Sir is making is a new rendition of the old movie. It is not a remake nor does the story is related to the previous one. It is a new story and I hope this film gets the same love that the previous one got.


Even though your sequel is different from the first part, does the success of Bhool Bhulaiyaa pressurize you in any way?

Since the trailer has come, we have gotten this validation for the film. With the response that we have seen, we now know that Bhool Bhualiyaa 2 has been positively fixed in people’s minds. Even when we were shooting the movie, there was somewhere in our mind that these characters are new and they are written so beautifully, so we are sure they would get their share of love. The theatre experience of this film will be another adventure because of the way the sound and VFX are designed, there is this larger-than-life experience in a comedy film. This film will fill the void of family entertainers that was created in the past few years.

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