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Finally, Prusty gets key posting after 35-day wait!

Jaipur: In a significant development due to the impact of a First India News report on May 16, Prusty gets a posting! IAS officer Debasish Prusty (2005 batch) has been appointed as Secretary Finance (Budget) after a 35-day delay. This position, held by 2 experienced officers over the past 4 years who were subsequently given foreign assignments, was long overdue for Debasish. Previously, the role was being managed by Naresh Thakral, Secretary Finance (Revenue), due to Debasish’s delayed joining.

In another development, IAS officer Tina Dabi (2016 batch) is set to return to duty on Monday, May 20.

Appointed as Jaisalmer Collector in July 2023, Tina has been on APO since September 14, 2023, taking maternity leave until May 13, 2024, and then extending it until May 19, 2024, for child care. As Tina Dabi prepares to report to the DoP, it is to be seen what posting she gets. The anticipation builds as her return date approaches.

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