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Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri accused of non-payment by his script supervisor

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Filmmakers have the power to create a world through their stories that share emotions with the audience that cannot be expressed or understood easily in the reality. They have the power to share stories of the unheard and ostracized. But behind this power is an army that works towards making it possible for the filmmaker to show his world to viewers. Aashish Dubey is one such personality. He has worked on several projects and had been under the wing of Vivek Agnihotri while shooting many of his projects.

But recently, a rift has been created between the two due to a non-payment issue that Aashish claims to be the filmmaker’s fault. He worked with Vivek on the research for the show ‘Bharat ki Baat’ and then moved on to work on ’10 minutes debate with Vishal Chaturvedi’ as well with him. He also helped in 'The Kashmir Files' and Vivek's upcoming project 'The Last Show' in the hopes of being paid. But Aashish claims that he has not been paid his due for the work he has done with Vivek Agnihotri.

Talking about the same to First India, Aashish said, “While filming The Last Show in Bhopal, Vivek sir had talked to me that I’ll get 1.5 lakh rupees, there is some post-production work as well. I got the one-third amount before the shoot. They gave me a contract that mentioned that I’ll get that much amount but did not send me a copy which I had asked for. But when I contacted everyone, including Vivek sir’s EP, Anupam Kher, and the EPs of other producers, no one paid my dues. They told me to talk to that person who talked to me about my fees. So, I contacted Vivek sir but he sent a voice note stating he sent me the money which was not true.”

Aashish added, “He blocked my number after that so I resorted to emails. I added all the producers, INPA and CBFC as well. Once or twice, IMPPA also replied to the producers to look into the matter. But it has been 18 months since then but nothing has come out. Hence, I have filed an official complaint now.”

We reached out to filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri as well to know his take on the matter to which he replied, “I am not the producer we of the said film and I have absolutely nothing to do with it. My name is being used to get eyeballs (sic).”

He also attached the email he sent on the thread where he mentioned to stop tagging him in the chain as he has no relation to the matter as he is not the producer. He also said in the email that the children who were the ADs in the film were not paid as well.

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