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Fatal collision claims lives of two police officers at Kundli border: Negligence by truck driver suspected

Sonipat: In a tragic turn of events on Monday, a collision at the Kundli border near Delhi claimed the lives of two police officers, Inspector Dinesh Beniwal and ATO Inspector Ranveer.
The incident occurred as their police vehicle collided with a canter near the North West District Special Staff in Sonipat around 11 p.m. The impact of the collision was so severe that both officers found themselves trapped inside the mangled vehicle, leading to their untimely demise.
The FIR report sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the accident, pointing to the alleged negligence of a truck driver.
According to the report, the truck driver failed to operate the vehicle responsibly and suddenly applied brakes, causing the fatal collision with the police car driven by Inspector Dinesh Beniwal. The force of the impact proved fatal, claiming the lives of both officers who were on duty.
Inspector Dinesh Beniwal, associated with the North West District Special Staff, and ATO Inspector Ranveer, stationed at Adarsh Nagar Police Station, leave behind a void in the law enforcement community. The news of their tragic deaths has sent shockwaves through their colleagues and the community they served.
As investigations into the incident continue, the focus remains on addressing the circumstances leading to this heartbreaking accident and ensuring accountability for those responsible.

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