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Farmers block Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway in protest

Mohali: After halting the trains in their protest, Farmers have now blocked the Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway too. Farmers have staged a protest on the highway going from Chandigarh to Ambala in Mohali.
Rail Roko protest has been going on in Punjab since Thursday by nineteen farmer labour organizations. Farmers are sitting on railway lines across Punjab. After the railway track jam, all the routes from Delhi to Amritsar, Pathankot to Amritsar and Punjab to Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana to Moga, Firozpur, Fazilka are completely stalled.              

Hundreds of passengers are stuck at the railway stations of Punjab due to jams in trains. More than 90 trains will be affected on Friday, out of which more than 80 trains have been cancelled.
Farmers in Punjab continued their "rail roko" protest on the second day in Amritsar.

The Farmers are demanding a committee for Minimum Support Price (MSP), a financial package for losses caused by recent floods, relief from agricultural debt and withdrawal of cases regarding agitation in Delhi in 2020-21.
The three-day protest called by farmers in Punjab's Amritsar led by the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee began on Thursday and will continue till Saturday (September 30).
As many as 18 trains of the Firozpur division, have been affected as members of various farmers' bodies squatted on train tracks in Ferozepur.
Sarwan Singh Pandher of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, who was present at the protest said, "If anyone tries to be unfair with the farmers of Punjab, then farmers from Haryana will also join Punjab farmers. Farmers are united throughout the country."
"The agitation has been called by 18 unions in North India. Home Minister Amit Shah came to Amritsar and he promised to bring MSP guarantee law but the committee has not been formed yet. The cases that had been registered during the Delhi agitation have not been withdrawn," Pandher claimed.

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