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Fans call Shehnaaz’s support for BB16 contestant Sajid Khan the lowest point of the show

Mumbai (Maharashtra): The #MeToo movement was a powerful move that had given several victims of sexual harassment a chance to speak up against their perpetrators. But with that, it also shed light on the many famous personalities that were caught up in the accusations. This included filmmaker Sajid Khan who was accused by several women of sexual misconduct. After evaluating these allegations, The Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) barred him from directing any films in the future.

The filmmaker is now part of the contestants of Bigg Boss 16 that recently premiered. Sajid talked about how his life collapsed after the #MeToo movement and that he has been out of work for the past four years. Revealing how he lost credibility in his last film, Housefull 4, he said, “Till the night (when he was accused of harassment) I was working on the film and in the morning, I was out of the film. My credit on the film was taken away from me.” He stated that while it is failure that destroys people, for him, it was success. He added how he became arrogant after his films started gaining success.

Amid this, Shehnaaz Gill who rose to fame after her stint on the show in a previous season sent a supportive video message to Sajid Khan. The actor who has a huge fan following among the viewers of the show revealed that is rooting for Sajid’s stint on Bigg Boss and called herself his supporter. Salman Khan played the video in which Shehnaaz stated, “Hi Sajid bhai, you are going inside the Bigg Boss house and I am very happy for you. The way you have always made the audience laugh on television and through your scripts, just go all out in the reality show also. Just spread smiles and please do not fight with anyone. Just entertain everyone and be real. My support is with you, rock it, brother.”

However, this development did not sit well with netizens who questioned Shehnaaz’s support for the former sexual harassment accused. One netizen tweeted, “I love #ShehnaazGiIl but I hate her for supporting me too culprit #SajidKhan .. People like Sajid should be behind bars. Here in Bollywood he is doing a show and next directing a movie.. Shame 😡. While another user wrote, “The lowest point of today’s premiere was Shehnaaz Gill coming out in full support of #SajidKhan. Extremely disappointing! 👎🏻#BB16 #BiggBoss16.”





Another one added, “Can’t believe how #SajidKhan is being portrayed as a hero. His participation is understandable but at least not this way. And then getting #ShehnaazGill to just get him some support. Chi #BiggBoss16 #biggboss #BB16.”



Many even questioned the channel’s decision to make Sajid Khan a participant of the show. One wrote, “9 women had accused #SajidKhan of Sexual abuse…And He Got Support 🌚 Ofcourse He will be the Next Baby Face of Channel & the winner by the support of Salman ,Farah & Endemol Itlsef 🤞#BiggBoss #BiggBoss16”. Another tweeted, “Personally I think that @ColorsTV #BiggBoss16 they got #SajidKhan to gain some more publicity or there is some jhol I don’t think sajid Is contestant but let’s see yeh toh waqt he batayega #SalmanKhan #SidNaaz #bhaijaan”.

Sajid Khan is joined in the house of Bigg Boss 16 by Manya Singh, Tina Dutta, Soundarya Sharma, Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare, Sumbul Touqueer, Sreejita De, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. During the week, the show airs at 10 pm Monday-Thursday, and on Fridays and Saturdays, it airs at 9:30 pm.

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