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'False' statement by Telangana CM, States free to buy renewable energy from any developer based on bids, says Union Power Minister

New Delhi: Union Power Minister R K Singh on Tuesday dismissed a statement by Telangana Chief Minister and clarified that states are free to hold their own bids and buy renewable energy from any developer based on those bids.

Singh was referring to a statement by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao that the "central government forces States to buy renewable energy from particular developers."

"I have seen the text of the statement made by the Chief Minister of Telangana in a speech on February 11 at Jangaon District Headquarters.

This is a lie", Singh said in a statement issued by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

"It is totally false to state that the Central Government forces any state to buy renewable energy from any particular developer.

The States are free to hold their own bids and buy Renewable Energy from any developer based on those bids," the minister added.

"The Solar Energy Corporation of India conducts open bids for Renewable Energy from time to time.

These bids are highly competitive; with numerous companies competing and the companies which offer the least tariff are selected transparently through the open bid.

Thereafter, states which desire to buy power from those bids do so, as per their requirement.

Whether they wish to purchase power at the rates finalized in the bids or not is entirely states own decision. They can choose to have their own bids. Therefore, the statement by the Chief Minister was totally false", the Power Ministry stated.

The Ministry further said that so far as Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation (RPO) is concerned, this is a part of an International Commitment made by the countries to carry out energy transition from fossil fuels to non-fossil fuel sources.

"The whole world is today worried about the deteriorating environment, increasing emissions and global warming and all the major countries in the world have made commitments to move away from fossil fuels to non-fossil fuel and to reduce emissions by adopting renewables.

All major economies have pledged to achieve net-zero on different target dates. The developed countries have pledged to achieve net-zero by 2050. India has pledged to achieve net-zero by 2070.

The transition to non-fossil fuels i.e. renewable energy is part of that commitment", stated the Ministry.

"The Chief Minister has also talked about hydropower. The Hydropower capacity he is talking about has been and is being constructed because of loans given by PFC and REC, both of which are Government of India companies.

PFC and REC have together lent Rs 55,000 Crores for Kaleshwaram, Palamuru and other Projects. He should be thankful to the Government of India for these projects," the ministry said.

"The Chief Minister made another statement that the Central Government is pressurizing the states to meter the electric connections to the farmers. This statement is totally false - a lie.

Such false and baseless statements do not behoove a person who is occupying the August Office of the Chief Minister", stated the Ministry. (ANI)

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