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False propaganda spread against women's safety, not a good tendency: CM Vijayan

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday said that some people are spreading false propaganda against women's safety across the state and promoting such things is not a good tendency.
Speaking after inaugurating the Women Safety Expo, CM Pinarayi Vijayan said, "Amid the rising attack on women, false campaigning against women's safety in Kerala is also rising. We have all sorts of laws here and they can be used effectively." CM added, "The public should use the security and laws effectively when issues arise. Recently based on isolated incidents, some people have been spreading false propaganda that women are not safe in Kerala. Promoting such things which are false is not a good tendency."
CM Vijayan also said that women should make use of the schemes and programs of the government to ensure their economic and social security. He said that there are several schemes in place to prevent domestic violence, prohibit dowry and ensure safe workplaces. Only then gender equality and gender justice will be served, he added.
He said that women need not put up or bear with the violence against them. They should try to make use of the legal remedies available and address the issues around them.
"They should not hesitate to file complaints. Hesitating to file complaints will nurture the criminals. Women should endeavour to ensure that the bad experience of one is not suffered by anyone else. That should be the mindset. Many do not opt for moving legally due to the ignorance about laws regarding women's safety, their family backgrounds, etc.", CM said.
The CM also urged women to make use of the opportunity provided by such Expos to increase their awareness and knowledge about their rights.
"Besides these, the police too have implemented various measures like Aparajita helpline, women help desks in all police stations, Pink police, cyber police stations and women self-defence training", he added. (ANI)

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