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Fake suicide photos of Uorfi Javed viral on the internet! Reality star reacts

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Uorfi Javed has gained substantial fame since her stint on Bigg Boss OTT and she is considered among the most sought-after internet personalities currently. But along with the fame, she has been subjected to severe backlash, hatred and trolling. The actress has received several death threats due to religious sentiments and has been trolled for her fashion sense as well. But the netizens crossed a line when they posted an edited photo of the actress that depicted her committing suicide.

Uorfi had previously posted an old photo of hers where she exposed her neck showing the bruising caused by wearing a top made of chains. The trolls morphed a rope around her neck and portrayed a picture of her death by suicide. Along with the image, a caption was posted that said, “1997-2022. Stand with Urfi’s murderers”. Reacting to this harsh prank, Uorfi took a screenshot of the photo and posted it on her social media with the caption, “What is happening in This world? I've been receiving so many death threats and now this! The comment says they stand with my murderer! Insane.”

The actress has never shied away from clapping back at her trolls and giving the most savage replies to the death threats. When netizens had wished her death instead of Sidhu Moosewala, the actress had proclaimed, “This b*tch’s here to stay”.

The actress is currently shooting for another project of hers in Chandigarh and makes sure to share some inside pictures and videos with her fans. She will announce the project in due time.

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