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EXCLUSIVE! R Madhavan reveals Laal Singh Chaddha flopped due to the changed attitudes of the audience

Mumbai (Maharashtra): After the rocking effects of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, R Madhavan has set out to bring forward a rather different genre. Dhokha: Round D Corner promises to be a thrilling, over-the-edge drama that may make one question the reality. Starring Madhavan alongside Khushali Kumar, Aparshakti Khurrana and Darshan Kumar, the film is ready to release in the theatres soon. Teasing a glimpse of the mass thriller that Dhokha is, the teaser launch of the film saw the actor talk about not only his movie but also his views on the Jacqueline Fernandez controversy, Laal Singh Chaddha’s boycott, his son’s bright future and South Indian Films among others.

Talking about the comparison between Hindi films underperforming nowadays and the massive success of South films, Madhavan had some intellectual two cents to give. As someone who has dabbled with both, he said, “If a good film comes and people love it, then they will come to the theatres. To talk about South films, I will talk clearly that Baahubali 1 and 2, RRR, Pushpa and KGF 1 and 2 are the only six films that worked more than Hindi films. We cannot call it a pattern. Maybe post-COVID-19, preferences have changed after watching worldly content. So, whenever you will make worthy content, the audience will consume it. The films released now have to be more progressive.”

He blamed the pandemic for the changed attitude of the audience towards films and the reason why films like Laal Singh Chaddha aren’t working today. “Rocketry was a time-agnostic film and would have worked any time it was released. But that is not the case for some movies. After the pandemic, you are dealing with a highly educated audience who has been exposed to world cinema. So, you have to make content accordingly,” he said.

Revealing how he and his son, Vedaant are being pressured to be a certain way especially after Vedaant won gold for India in swimming, Madhavan said, “A certain character for us is an accomplishment as an actor. It has no reflection of our actual standing in society. Secondly, a lot of pressure is being put on me and my son. We are not that accomplished yet and have a long way to go, especially Vedaant.”



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Sharing his thoughts on whether the Jacqueline Fernandez controversy affects the image of the film fraternity, the 3 Idiots actor said that that is not necessarily the case. Revealing that the highest taxpayers are from the film industry, Madhavan chimed, “I hope she gets out of the trouble very soon. I don’t think the controversy is affecting the image of the film industry as the raids have rather decreased in numbers in today’s time. Everyone is paying their respective dues and working with diligence.”

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