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Everyone will have to work unitedly to make Raj Assembly best in the country: Devnani

Jaipur: Assembly Speaker Vasudev Devnani while addressing the orientation programme of officers in the Assembly, called upon the officers to keep themselves updated with the changes taking place according to the times. “The work of the Assembly is of a special type. People’s aspirations depend on the laws made over here. It is the responsibility of the officers to keep in mind the changes taking place in the country and other states in the lawmaking process,” Devnani said Everyone will have to work together to make the Rajasthan Assembly the best assembly in the country. Every employee and officer, from small to big, has an important contribution in the organization,” he said.

Former General Secretary of the LS Secretariat, PDT Acharya said that accountability is essential in a democracy. Manas Gubbi, Head of PRS Legislative Research, highlighted the contribution of the Legislative Assembly in drafting and passing laws in accordance with constitutional provisions. Language of legislative writing should be simple, he said.

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