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Engineer's Day: Amit Shah greets technocrats for their contribution “to every sector of economy”, nation-building

New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday greeted all technocrats on Engineer's Day for their pivotal role in nation-building by contributing to every sector of the economy.
"Greetings to all technocrats on Engineer's Day. Engineers have played a pivotal role in nation-building by contributing to every sector of the economy. In recent times their role in shaping the technological revolution has elevated India's prestige on the global stage. May this day inspire them further to contribute to the fulfilment of our nation's dreams," Shah posted on 'X'.
In another post on the social media platform, the Home Minister paid homage to one of the country's foremost civil engineers and visionaries, M Visvesvaraya, on his birth anniversary which is observed as Engineer's Day.
"I pay obeisance to the legendary engineer, Sir M Visvesvaraya Ji, on his birth anniversary. Visvesvaraya Ji powered our civilization with his inimitable engineering genius, designing and shaping a vast range of structures. His contributions will continue to inspire dreams in the minds of our new generations," the Home Minister posted.
National Engineers' Day is dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary contributions of engineers to society, recognising their spirit of innovation and highlighting the crucial role they play in influencing the world.
Born on September 15, 1861 in Muddenahalli near Chikkaballapur, Visvesvaraya is considered one of the foremost nation-builders.
He designed several leading landmarks, which have, over the years, come to define and characterise modern India.
He also served as the 19th Dewan of Mysuru, formerly known as Mysore, from 1912 to 1918.

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