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‘Embrace people of Northeast’ message delivered through film

New Delhi: Let’s put a “complete stop” to discrimination towards people from the Northeast -- that is the motto of a new initiative of Delhi Police, which has come out with a short film that talks of embracing them and assuaging their feelings of insecurity. The 15-minute film was aired on DD Assam on Thursday and will soon be released on the YouTube channel of Delhi Police and its other social media platforms.

The film, scripted by Delhi-based Madhumita Chakraborty, a journalist from Tripura, features several celebrated personalities from the Northeast like Olympians Mary Kom, Mirabai Chanu and Lovlina Borgohain and also mentions about the various initiatives of Delhi Police for people of the Northeast.

“The nation applauds when Indian citizens hailing from Northeastern region win medals at Olympics and other prestigious tournaments. We enjoy their services every day. And yet, many of us do not stand up to object when a few misinformed, misguided among us call them derogatory names... Chinky, Momo, Nepali, Bahadur, Corona...,” the script of the film says. “I too come from the Northeast but I do not have mongoloid features. People with such features face much more discrimination,” she told PTI.

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