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Election Commission has banned Aam Aadmi Party's Lok Sabha campaign song, alleges Aatishi

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party leader Atishi on Sunday alleged that the Election Commission has banned the party's campaign song, 'Jail ka jawab vote se' stating that it showed the ruling party and agencies in a very poor light
Addressing a press conference in the national capital today, Atishi said, "It happens in a dictatorial government that the opposition is put in jail and is also prevented from campaigning. Today Election Commission of India has banned AAP's campaign song. This would have happened for the first time in the history of India that the Election Commission would have banned the campaign song of any party. This is the same Election Commission which does not see when BJP violates the model code of conduct every day."
"When BJP uses ED and CBI to put opposition leaders in jail during the MCC, the poll body has no objection to that. But when the Aam Aadmi Party writes that thing in the song, then there is a lot of objection to it. The ECI said that the song 'Jail ka Jawab Vote Se' shows the ruling party and agencies in a very poor light," Atishi added further.
The Delhi Minister also pointed out that there is no name of BJP anywhere in AAP's campaign song but ECI says that if you talk about 'dictatorship' then this is the criticism of the ruling party.
"That means the Election Commission itself believes that BJP is running a dictatorship in this country. I would like to remind the ECI that you are the successor of TN Seshan, who is remembered after so many years because he took free and fair elections in India to a new height. I want to say that after a few years, the elections of 2024 should not be remembered as when India's democracy ended, this was the election in which ECI was not neutral. I want to appeal to the Election Commission to have a look to the BJP, who is violating the Model Code of Conduct daily," Atishi said.

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