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Education beyond textbooks is vital: Guv Mishra

Jaipur: Governor Kalraj Mishra highlighted the pressing challenge of preserving human values amidst the rise of artificial intelligence.

He emphasized that the indiscriminate exploitation of water is leading to severe water crises not only in Rajasthan but across the nation. Mishra urged universities to take proactive educational initiatives in response to these challenges, stating that true education goes beyond textbooks to connect students with environmental understanding.

Addressing the 33rd convocation ceremony of Rajasthan University and the inauguration of Constitution Park, Mishra underscored the importance of universities fully implementing the new education policy. He advocated for such courses that can accelerate India’s development trajectory.

Mishra emphasized that a profound understanding of the Constitution is crucial for the country’s bright future.

To foster this understanding among the new generation, Mishra said that an initiative to establish Constitution Parks in universities was taken on directions by Raj Bhavan.

He clarified that while amendments can be made to the Constitution, its core principles remain unchanged.

He also said that some people created hype in the past days that the constitution will be changed.

“The constitution can be amended but cannot be changed. There is a provision for amendment. We can make laws that are beneficial according to the time,” he said. Mishra discouraged the spread of misinformation, affirming that India’s Constitution stands as one of the world’s best, likening it to revered scriptures like the Gita, Quran, and Bible.

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