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DRI seizes gold worth Rs 33 cr at Mumbai, Patna, Delhi

New Delhi: As many as 394 pieces of foreign-origin gold bars weighing approximately 65.46 kgs and valued at Rs 33.40 crore have been seized by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

According to the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday, the gold bars were being smuggled from neighbouring countries. "Specific intelligence indicated that a syndicate is actively planning to smuggle foreign-origin gold from Mizoram and using domestic courier consignment of supply chain and logistic company (hereinafter referred as logistics company)," said a release by the Ministry.

Under the "Op Gold Rush" launched by DRI, a particular consignment declared to contain 'Personal Goods' destined for Mumbai was intercepted.

"Examination of the consignment at Bhiwandi (Maharashtra) on September 19 led to the recovery and seizure of 120 pieces of foreign-origin gold biscuits weighing approximately 19.93 Kg and valued at about Rs 10.18 crore," said the release.

"Further analysis and investigation revealed that 2 other such consignments, sent by the same consignor from the same location to the same consignee, destined to Mumbai and in transit, were despatched through the same logistics company. The location of the consignments was traced," it added.

The second consignment was located and intercepted in Bihar.
"Upon examination at the Warehouse of the logistics company, it led to the recovery of 172 foreign-origin gold bars weighing approximately 28.57 kgs and valued at about Rs 14.50 crore," it said.

"Similarly, the third consignment was intercepted and examined at the Delhi hub of the logistics company which led to recovery and seizure of 102 pieces of foreign origin gold bars weighing approximately 16.96 kg and valued at about Rs 8.69 crore," the release added.

According to the Ministry, a total of 394 foreign-origin gold bars weighing approximately 65.46 kg and valued at approximately Rs 33.40 crore were recovered and seized in multi-city operations. (ANI)

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