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Don't want SC to be a 'Tarikh Par Tarikh Court': CJI Chandrachud

New Delhi: Urging the lawyers not to seek adjournment unless necessary, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Friday said that we don't want the Supreme Court to become a 'Tarikh Par Tarikh Court'.
The remarks by the Chief Justice of India came while observing the figures relating to adjournment.
Earlier in the morning, when the bench headed by CJI Chandrachud assembled for the hearing, the court took note of adjournment slips circulated in the months of September and October.
"We don't want the Supreme Court to become a "Tarikh Par Tarikh court," Chandrachud said urging lawyers not to seek adjournment as it defeats the very purpose of expediting the case.
CJI said that it defeats the trust of the citizens and does not show a good image of our court to the country.
The court noted that 3,688 adjournment slips were circulated in September-October month by lawyers. The bench noted that there were 178 adjournment slips today.
"I request the members of the bar to not seek adjournments unless really necessary," the CJI said.
CJI said that he has been monitoring filing to the first hearing of matters to ensure that the period is reduced to a minimum. The court said that some matters are mentioned for seeking adjournment.

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