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"DMK and AIADMK ruled state for 57 years and ruined everything": PMK chief Ramadoss

Chennai (Tamil Nadu): Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) President Anbumani Ramadoss on Sunday said that DMK and AIADMK have ruled the state for the last 57 years and have ruined everything.

Ramadoss told ANI that drugs are the biggest problem, and the government has not done anything about it.

"DMK-AIDMK have been ruling for the last 57 years in Tamil Nadu, and they have ruined the state. Today, the drug menace is one of the worst in the country, and the government has not done anything about it. School students are taking drugs in Tamil Nadu. It is very depressing for Chennai people. Every year, they suffer from floods. You can't prevent a flood, but you can prevent the damages caused by the flood if you plan properly. People are very annoyed, angry, and upset (with DMK), and they're going to give us a very big victory," he said.

Earlier today, addressing people, Ramadoss emphasized that this time flower and fruit have joined together. (BJP symbol and PMK symbol)

"I request the people of central Chennai to vote for the most educated and very good human being, Vinoj P Selvam. He is the right candidate for the Central Chennai constituency. This time, flower and fruit have joined together. (BJP symbol Lotus and PMK symbol Mango) and victory is assured. In the last election, the Tamil Nadu people made a big mistake in electing DMK. We should not do this time. People of Chennai fear if December comes, the floods will arrive," he added.

He further said that if DMK and AIADMK exist, surely they will spoil our state.

"DMK is not doing any administration; it's completely doing business. What you have done to Chennai? They are always engaged in fighting with the Central government. We have joined the NDA alliance because DMK and AIADMK are spoiling our state; we have to come and stop this," Ramadoss said.

The PMK chief also urged people to vote for a change in the Lok Sabha elections.

"Voters, you all have to make changes in this parliament election, it's mandatory. They (DMK) are thinking about the next election we are thinking about our generation. Did we have given our party to you (AIADMK), EPS saying we have betrayed them, we have supported you in all times when we are in alliance with AIADMK," he added.

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