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"Disgraceful..." Congress MP Shashi Tharoor demands resignation of Mayor Arya Rajendran

New Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Monday demanded the resignation from Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation Mayor Arya Rajendran over her alleged letter to Aanavoor Nagappan demanding a priority list for appointing party members to 295 temporary posts in the Municipal Corporation.
Tharoor termed the Mayor's move as "disgraceful" and said, "Disgraceful that Thiruvananthapuram's CPI(M) Mayor Arya Rajendran has been exposed asking her Party Secretary for names to fill vacancies in city government. At a time when India's (&Kerala's) youth are reeling from record levels of unemployment, this is a betrayal. She must resign!," he wrote on Twitter. In an alleged letter sent to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI (M) District Secretary Aanavoor Nagappan, Mayor Arya Rajendran demanded a priority list for appointing party members to 295 temporary posts in the Municipal Corporation.
The letter mentions appointments to 295 temporary posts vacant in the health department on a daily wage basis.
Talking about the same on Saturday, Leader of Opposition (LoP) of Kerala VD Satheesan also demanded her resignation.
"Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation Mayor Arya Rajendran, who violated her oath by writing to the CPIM district secretary demanding the party's priority list in the appointment of 295 employees in the health department, should resign. CPM should be ready to expel the Mayor if he does not resign," VD Satheesan said.
"Department heads are also reluctant to report vacancies to the Public Service Commission (PSC) because CPIM state committee and district committee appointees continue to be appointed through the back door. Applicants from the PSC rank list are visiting ministers' houses to report vacancies," he further said adding that the letter has revealed the misdeeds of a government.
"Appointments in Municipal Corporations have been given to local committees. They are cheating the poor people who come to interview for jobs. Direct recruitment is not done in any sector. Mafia gangs are working around CPIM offices to make backdoor appointments," he added. (ANI)

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