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Dharma Rakshaks are not scared of Preventive Detention Act: Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay

Warangal: BJP Telangana chief Bandi Sanjay while addressing a public gathering at the end of Praja Sangrama Padayatra on Sunday stated that wherever BJP holds a meeting in the name of rules and regulations, the government is ready to stop the workers.
Sanjay said, "The karyakartas (workers) defying police rules who came here are great. What did we do wrong? You (Karyakartas) work for dharma. The BJP karyakartas don't have high dreams. The Karyakartas working for dharma will have to face a few obstacles." "We will go to prisons, they are not new. Dharma rakshaks are not scared of jails. Dharma rakshaks are not scared of lathi charge, of non-bailable cases, of Preventive Detention Act," he said.
"KCR sent me to jail and I went to Karim Nagar jail and prepared a room for KCR. PD Act was invoked against a leader in Siddipet and he was sent to jail. He also prepared the room for KCR and family. Karyakartas in Adilabad have been kept in prison invoking PD Act against an 18-year-old man named Srikanth. The room is ready in Adilabad and now the room is also ready in Cherlapally," said Sanjay.
"We the BJP Karyakartas don't know if we will live for 100 years, but as long as we live we live for Dharma, BJP Karyakartas always think about the poor and pray for them to live 100 years. We are living for you, we are working for Telangana. My blood is boiling as my Karyakartas are being arrested by KCR. My Karyakartas are being attacked by KCR. I will not leave KCR," he added.
Sanjay appealed to the TRS workers and Congress workers that they need to differentiate between BJP and other parties. He said the BJP is working for Dharma and society but KCR is working for himself and his family. (ANI)

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