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Dhariwal demands Raj’s share of `4,886 Shivendra Parmar cr from Central Govt

Chandigarh: In the meeting of the GST Council held at Chandigarh on Wednesday, the issue of extension of compensation amount was kept in the meeting by Rajasthan Cabinet Minister Shanti Dhariwal who advocated to extend it for 5 more years till 2027. Dhariwal also demanded to give 4,886 crores of compensation to Rajasthan.

UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal said, “When GST was implemented in 2017, at that time, it was assumed that the economy of the states would be stable in 5 years. But this could not happen due to Covid-19. Therefore the compensation amount should be extended till 2027. Kerala, Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan had a proposal not to increase the tax on goods of general use. Despite this, taxes were imposed on lassi, papad, pickle and agricultural implements while these items were not previously taxed. In such a situation, the center should tell the states how much tax will come to it and how much will this increase inflation.”

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