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DGCA issues show cause notice to Air India CEO, chief flight safety after pilot allows friend in cockpit

New Delhi: India's aviation regulatory body Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) DGCA has issued show cause notice to Air India CEO Campbell Wilson and Cheif of flight safety Henry Donohoe for failing to report the Dubai-Delhi flight cockpit violation incident on time.
The notice was issued on April 21 and 15 days were given to respond. "Air India CEO was issued show cause notice for the February 27 incident," DGCA official told ANI. An Air India pilot on a Dubai-Delhi flight allowed a woman friend to enter the cockpit, according to a complaint filed by a cabin crew member on the same flight who has alleged that safety norms were violated.
Based on a complaint by an air hostess, India's aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has initiated an investigation against the pilot.
"DGCA has taken the matter seriously and issued show cause notice to CEO and flight safety for delaying the investigation and not reporting the concerned authorities," a DGCA official told ANI.
The DGCA in the show cause notice on April 21 said, "CEO and Chief Flight Safety of Air India to submit their report on the show cause notice within 15 days from when the show cause notice was served."
The complaint, accessed by ANI, alleged that the pilot of the Air India flight number AI-915 wanted the crew to create a "welcoming, warm and comfortable" "living room" feel in the cockpit for his woman friend.
"The captain told me to go fetch some pillows from the bunk before Ms XXX. reaches the cockpit to make her feel comfortable. The pilot said the cockpit should appear welcoming, warm and comfortable, as though he was preparing his living room for a lady friend. Also, asked me to take her drinks and snacks order and serve her," the air hostess mentioned in the complaint copy accessed by ANI.
The complaint marked to the Air India Chief Executive Officer Campbell Wilson and the DGCA alleges Violation of POSH (prevention of sexual harassment complaint), violation of DGCA CAR, violation of air safety, and violation of AIR INDIA ops manual of AI-915/916.
India's aviation safety regulator DGCA has taken the complaint seriously and launched an investigation.
"DGCA is conducting an investigation into the matter. The Investigation team will examine the relevant facts," the DGCA said.
As per the DGCA CAR (Civil Aviation Regulations) and the Air India Operations manual, only authorised persons who have conducted preflight BA test (as applicable by rule) may enter the cockpit and sit there, provided they are on inspection or for purposes of flight safety only. (ANI)

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