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Department of Immigration, Nepal government issues alert for fugitive Amritpal Singh

Kathmandu: The Department of Immigration, Nepal government has alerted its offices, particularly those at airports to prevent Amritpal Singh, a radical preacher from Punjab, India who could flee to a third country using Nepali territory either on his own passport or a fake passport, the Himalayan Times reported.
DG Jhalak Ram Adhikari told The Himalayan Times that Indian Embassy had written to his office seeking his office's help in stopping Khalistan separatist Amritpal Singh from fleeing to a third country. The Punjab government has launched a massive manhunt against the separatist leader Amritpal, who has been hiding since March 18. Indian Embassy has provided the photograph of the Punjabi fugitive and all details about him. The embassy also has flagged Nepali authorities that Amritpal Singh could flee to a third country using his own passport or a fake passport.
Adhikari said that all passengers who wanted to go abroad using Nepal's airport would be screened at the airport so that Amritpal who is under the surveillance of the Department of Immigration can not flee.
The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu on Sunday sent a letter to the Department of Immigration requesting them to not let pro-Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh travel to a third country.
"As per the request from Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, we have included him on the 'watch list', Director of Nepal's Department of Immigration Jhalakram Adhikari told ANI over the phone.
At first, the embassy had requested the Nepal government to enlist him on a watch list and shared the details along with photos with the department, the official added.
"They have warned us that he might use a fake passport to enter Nepal and attempt to fly out. He might be hiding somewhere here in Nepal as well. No one is sure about Amritpal whereabouts. But as per the request we have informed all the concerned departments and authorities," Adhikari added.
Asked about the letters, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu did not respond.
On March 25, Punjab Police appealed to people not to believe rumours and fake news of the arrest of radical preacher and pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh, which is being circulated on social media.
Speaking at a press briefing on Saturday, Bathinda SSP Gulneet Khurana said, "We urge people not to believe the fake reports of the arrest of Amritpal Singh that are being widely circulated on social media."
On March 18, Punjab Police launched an operation against Amritpal Singh and his aides. The crackdown came almost over three weeks after Amritpal's supporters clashed with uniformed personnel at the Ajnala police station on February 23, on the outskirts of Amritsar, demanding the release of one of his close aides, Lovepreet Toofan. (ANI)

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