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Dense fog engulfs Chandigarh as minimum temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius

Chandigarh: Dense fog engulfed Chandigarh as the minimum temperature in the city dropped down to 10 degrees celsius.
A dense layer of fog continued to grip Punjab, Northwest Rajasthan, eastern Uttar Pradesh and across Haryana on Thursday morning, as was forecast by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). The Regional Weather Forecasting Centre also predicted on Thursday that dense fog will continue for the next two days in the large parts of several states of North India, and the temperature will be between 6-7 degrees Celsius.
On Thursday, as many as 20 trains reportedly ran late by a few hours due to poor visibility induced by fog.
Amid the cold wave, the school timings from class 1 to class 8 in Lucknow were changed from 10 am onwards to 3 pm, till December 31. (ANI)

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