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Dengue: MCD finds mosquito larvae at 2.40 lakh places; issues notices to 1.29 lakh houses

New Delhi: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has so far issued notices to 1.29 lakh houses in 2023 on finding mosquito larvae.
"Apart from this, 56000 challans have been issued. This figure is almost double that of last year. Because of this, the situation regarding vector-borne diseases is normal in Delhi," the release stated. 

"5,000 staff of the Public Health Department of MCD are going door-to-door to check mosquito larvae. People are being made aware through pamphlets and tippers. Apart from this, strict action is also being taken by the MCD. Notices and challans are also being issued," it further read.
According to MCD data, 2.85 crore places are inspected for mosquito breeding detection. This year, larvae have been found at 2.40 lakh places across Delhi.
MCD has taken action and given notices to 1.29 lakh houses. Apart from this, more than 56,0000 challans have been issued.

Compared to the previous years, action against vector-borne diseases has doubled. Special preparations have been made by MCD for religious festivals. Awareness campaigns will be run in religious fairs and festivals, especially at Ramlila sites, Janmashtami, Durga Puja, Chhath Puja etc. Apart from this, regular fogging will be done.

MCD is destroying the larvae with the help of fish. Larvae-eating fish have been released on a large scale into the reservoir. According to statistics, this time fish have been released in more than 200 reservoirs. Whereas fish were released in 117 reservoirs in 2022, 114 in 2021 and 81 in 2020. 

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