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Delhi: River Yamuna water level recedes gradually, shut water plants to be operational soon

New Delhi: The water level in swollen River Yamuna was recorded at 207.48 metres at 10 am in Delhi on Saturday. The overflowing Yamuna river has touched the Red Fort wall on Ring road, inundating the nearby areas.
Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday, took to Twitter and saying that the water level of the river is gradually decreasing and the situation would get back to normal soon.
"The water level of the Yamuna is decreasing gradually. If it does not rain heavily again, the situation will be back to normal. We started withdrawing water from Chandrawal and Wazirabad water treatment plants. After this, the machines will be kept for drying. Both plants will be operational tomorrow. Please stay aware and help each other," CM Kejriwal tweeted.
Further, he appealed to the people to take care of themselves and help each other.
Additionally, Public Works Department Minister, Atishi Marlena, stated, "Yamuna river water is receding, the people of Delhi will get relief in the next 12 hours...It is a big question why all the water from Hathnikund Barrage was being released only for Delhi".
"Not a single drop of water was released into the canals going to UP and Haryana from there. Haryana will have to answer for this. Can the flood situation in Delhi have been avoided?" added Marlena.
Notably, Yamuna water level was recorded at 207.58 metres at 8 am, today. At 9 pm on Friday, the water level of Yamuna was recorded at 208.07 metres.
CWC had expected the water level to be at 208.05 Metres on July 14 (Friday) between 10:00 pm to 12 am. But the water level came down faster than the expectations of the Central Water Commission.
Meanwhile, Delhi flood evacuees at Mayur Vihar Phase I were provided with medical aid by the government on Saturday.
Several areas of the city are under water as the water level of River Yamuna rose following heavy rainfall and the release of water from the Hathnikund Barrage in neighbouring Haryana.
Delhi Government also said that a total of 25,478 people have been evacuated so far. 25,478 people have been evacuated. 22,803 people are in tents/shelters.
"16 teams of NDRF have been deployed in flood-affected districts in rescue work. Some of the low-lying areas of Delhi have witnessed flood water due to very high levels of river water and consequent backflow of water, breach of embankments etc," the Delhi government said in a statement.
The government also said that 45 boats including 17 orf Boat Club, and 28 of Irrigation and Flood Control Department, have been deployed as precautions and for rescue work in case of an emergency. (ANI)

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