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Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa appeals to "not believe in rumours" on bomb threat received by schools

New Delhi: Taking note of false news circulating in WhatsApp groups that bombs were detected in schools, Delhi Police urged people not to believe in rumours and stop spreading fake news.
"We have received some messages that many parents were having conversations regarding a suspicious object found inside schools over WhatsApp group. I want to say whenever you get such messages, you should first identify its source, and then forward it. This is the time of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep fake. Any fake news spreads like wildfire," Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa said.
"I want to appeal to people that we have to become responsible citizens and should not forward any unverified information on social media. I request everyone not to believe in rumours and stop spreading fake news. We will take strict action against those who spread fake news," she added.
Detailing the Delhi schools bomb threat case, Suman Nalwa said that more than 250 calls were received by the police on Wednesday.
"Atleast 118 people contacted directly to our PCR control room and above 100 contacted local police. Safety and security of our children were the primary objectives The investigation is being done by our special cell and there will be revelations in this (case) soon," said Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa.
Earlier, Delhi Police had requested the citizens not to follow any false messages or fake news being circulated on WhatsApp.
The Delhi Police specifically mentioned audio messages spreading rumours about suspicious objects found in schools, emphasising that these claims are entirely untrue.
"Some audio messages are being pushed on WhatsApp and other chat groups that some suspicious objects were found in some schools. These messages are false and have no truth in them. I request all to please convey further that these are false messages," the Delhi police stated.
As per Delhi police, a total of 131 schools in Delhi received threat emails on Wednesday.
Sources in the Delhi police revealed that the email used to threaten the Delhi-NCR schools contained the word 'Swaraiim', which is an Arabic word used by the Islamic State since 2014 to spread Islamist propaganda.
However, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an official statement saying that the email appeared to be a 'hoax'.
"There is no need to panic. The mail appears to be a hoax. Delhi Police and security agencies are taking necessary steps as per protocol," the official release from the MHA read.

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