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Delhi Police nab sharpshooters of Tillu gang in Alipur gangwar

New Delhi: The Outer North District unit of Delhi Police has arrested two sharp shooters of Tillu gang in a case of gang war in Alipur area, police said.
They said that the special cell of the Delhi police has also arrested one accused in the case
One criminal was shot dead in the gang war that took place in the Alipur area while his companion was shot in the leg and the third one managed to escape, official said.
A few days ago, in broad daylight in the Alipur area, bike-borne miscreants had gunned down Narendra alias Dhilu,a Bad Character of Alipur Police Station, who died on the spot. In the firing, one of his associates, Tarun, received three bullets in his leg. His third companion Amit saved his life by running away from the spot. Narendra was shot several times, as per police.
The investigation revealed that the deceased was a declared criminal of Alipur police station and belonged to the Gogi gang, as per police.

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