Thursday, June, 08,2023

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Delhi Police launches its first Podcast ‘Kissa Khaki Ka’

New Delhi: To create a new bond with the Delhi citizens, the Delhi Police have started its first Podcast ‘Kissa Khaki Ka’.

This Podcast will take the unheard stories of National Capital’s Men in Khaki to the Delhiites. It also aims to show the humane side of the otherwise rough and tough cops.

These unheard stories include crimes, investigations, heart and humanity.

The first Podcast was aired digitally on the Social Media handles of Delhi Police on Sunday afternoon.

The Podcast will be narrated by a renowned media educator and prison reformer Dr Vartika Nanda, who has also been working on prison reforms through her radio program initiatives.

It will be available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “The Podcast will create a new bond between Delhi Police and citizens.

It will enable better understanding among people, of challenges the police force faces. A bond of trust will help in better policing,” said Dr Vartika Nanda.

Dr Nanda heads the Department of Journalism, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. She is India’s leading prison reformer and the Founder of Tinka Tinka, a movement on jails to help in the reformation of inmates and improve prison life.

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