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Delhi Police intitates crackdown on gangsters imprisoned in jail

New Delhi: In a significant move against rising criminal activities orchestrated from behind bars, Dwarka District Police have initiated a major crackdown targeting notorious gangsters imprisoned in various jails.
The operation, led by Dwarka DCP Harshwardhan, involves taking several prominent criminals, including Kala Jathedi, Neeraj Bawania, Navin Bali, and Raju Basodi, into police remand.
Neeraj Bawania hails from Bawania village in Delhi, hence the association with his name. Neeraj is involved in cases ranging from murder, dacoity, robbery, and forced extortion to threatening and instigating people.
The move comes after meticulous monitoring of cases involving extortion, forced collections, street crimes, and collaboration among gangsters within different jail facilities.
Dwarka DCP Harshwardhan informed ANI that Kala Jathedi, notorious for his involvement in various criminal activities, was taken into remand from Mandoli Jail.
"Kala Jathedi was taken into remand from Mandoli Jail yesterday, and other gangsters have also been taken into remand from different jails" he said
Notably, after the murder of Sagar Dhankad, there was a conflict between Kala Jathedi and Neeraj Bawania, which prompted the police to take action against both, aiming to dismantle their separate groups and curb their influence in orchestrating criminal incidents, including shootings in the Dwarka District.
The interrogation of these gangsters by Dwarka Police aims to understand how incarcerated criminals continue to operate and instigate crimes from within jail premises.
Dwarka DCP Harshvardhan mentioned, "This operation follows prior actions against the Nandu gang, with a commitment to curbing crime and ensuring public safety."
As the investigations unfold, the Dwarka Police are poised to take appropriate action against the gangsters involved.

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