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Delhi Police arrests two robbers with help of AI technology

New Delhi: Delhi Police have nabbed two robbers with the help of artificial intelligence, said officials.

The police said that the accued had allegedly robbed an e-rickshaw driver by giving him drugs in milk.

The officials said that the photos of the robbers were developed with the help of AI technologies.

According to DCP North, Manoj Meena, on February 15, the complainant, Anil Kumar, a 23-year-old resident of the Industrial Area, Delhi, drove his battery e-rickshaw and came to Inderlok Metro Station.

He was waiting for passengers. In the meantime, two boys came there and told him that they had to bring some packing goods from Tulsi Nagar, Inderlok, Delhi, to Inderlok Big Bazar and the fare was fixed at Rs. 100/-, which was lucrative, and they went to Tulsi Nagar.

One of them bought three bottles of milk and he gave one bottle of milk to his associate. He further passed it on to the victim, who consumed the milk in good faith. But the victim felt giddy and both of them dropped him from the e-rickshaw at Gurudwara, Inderlok.

Both alleged persons attempted to snatch his mobile phone, but they could not succeed.

Thereafter, they took out his purse containing documents and cash worth Rs. 2,000, and they also took his e-rickshaw. When the driver/victim, Anil Kumar, became conscious, someone in public shifted him to Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital, Delhi.

The victim regained consciousness after three days in the hospital. On February 18, he reached his house and subsequently, he lodged a case under Section 379 IPC at Sarai Rohilla Police Station.

During the investigation, with a lot of planning, an intensive operation was carried out at various places in Delhi by the dedicated police team of PS Sarai Rohilla.

Technical surveillance was also mounted and human intelligence was put into action to nab the accused persons.

Various CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity were checked and analysed.

Consequently, it was revealed that two accused persons have committed the offence in the present case.

Photographs of both accused persons were extracted from the CCTV footage, but the photographs were not clear. Clear photographs of both accused persons were developed with the help of AI technologies and details of one accused person, "Aman," were obtained with the help of technical surveillance, which revealed that previously, the accused Aman was also found involved in the same type of cases.

On November 21, secret information about the mobile number of the accused person, Aman, was received and the location of the mobile phone was taken and the same was found in front of Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi.

Immediately, a raiding team was constituted to mount the raid.

Thereafter, the location of the mobile number was changed continuously in the areas of Rani Jhansi Road, Paharganj, Ajmeri Gate, Siddhipura, Sadar Bazar, Azad Market Chowk, etc.

Ultimately, the valorous police team reached Azad Market and noticed that one person was plying an e-rickshaw and the face of the accused person was matched with the CCTV footage on record.

The rickshaw driver, who was identified as Atique, was arrested in the present case, as in this case the CCTV footage clips are on file against him as evidence.

He disclosed that Aman was with him, but he went by e-rickshaw and he would meet him at Brahampuri, Delhi.

The rickshaw was taken into police possession. Subsequently, a raid was mounted at Brahampuri and the co-accused, identified as Aman, age 23 years, was also apprehended in front of Gali No. 5, Brahampuri, Jafrabad, Delhi, on the same day and he was also arrested in this case.

One stolen MI mobile phone was also recovered from his possession and the same was taken into police possession, which is yet to be connected with the crime.

During interrogation, both the accused persons, Atique, age 22 years and Aman, age 23 years, disclosed that they had committed the offence of the present case of stealing an e-rickshaw and purse containing cash from the victim on February 15 and dropped him from his e-rickshaw at Gurudwara, Inderlok, Delhi.

They further disclosed that they had given 15 tablets of Alprax 0.5 to the victim after mixing the same in milk. Both accused persons further disclosed that just after the commission of the offence of stealing the e-rickshaw from the victim, they had handed over the stolen e-rickshaw to one of their known residents of North-East, Delhi for selling the same and they spent the stolen cash of Rs. 2000/- in their fun & frolic.

Both the accused persons were interrogated at length and they accepted their involvement in the commission of various offences of drugging in various parts of Delhi.

As regards the recovery of the e-rickshaw, both accused persons revealed that they had stolen this e-rickshaw today by using the same modus operandi, as they had hired it from Ajmeri Gate by giving tablets of Alprax to its driver and the e-rickshaw driver was dropped at Pahari Dheeraj, Sadar Bajar, Delhi and also stole his MI mobile phone.

The owner of the e-rickshaw was immediately informed about the incident, but the driver is not traceable till now, however, efforts are being made to trace the victim and to link up the case of stealing the e-rickshaw with MI Mobile Phone.

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