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Delhi: MCD registers revenue jump of 22.77 pc in FY 23, LG VK Saxena congratulates employees

New Delhi: Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has registered an increase in revenue of Rs 1,650 crores in 2022-23 as compared to financial year 2021-2022, an official statement issued by the office of Lieutenant Governor Delhi said on Tuesday.
"MCD has registered record revenue receipts in 2022-23. This jump of 22.77 per cent over the previous year has been mainly on account of bold decisions taken under Saxena's guidance from June 2022 to March 2023. Compared to the year 2021-22, MCD's revenue jumped to Rs 8900 Cr in 2022-23, up by Rs 1650.75 Cr from Rs 7249.25 Cr in FY 2021-22. Of this Rs 1650.75 Cr, the major component of Rs 654.51 Cr came from the SAMRIDDHI Scheme launched by Saxena on 26.10.2022," an official statement said.
On the occasion, LG congratulated the MCD for the successful execution of the SAMRIDDHI 2022-23 Scheme, which had led to a windfall gain of Rs 654.51 Cr to the Corporation, apart from adding 1,32,565 properties and taxpayers to the tax net, which is unprecedented. Saxena exuded confidence that this rebound on the part of the Corporation will ensure MCD's self-sustainability in the future, an official statement mentioned.
The tentative receipts of MCD for FY 2022-23 stood at Rs 8900 Cr.

"While the receipts of the previous financial are yet coming in and being reconciled, the tentative receipts for FY 2022-23 stood at Rs 8900 Cr up by Rs 1650.75 Cr from Rs 7249.25 Cr. in FY 2021-22," the press release said.

"SAMRIDDHI launched in October last year was an Amnesty Scheme with a window of four months till 31.03.2023 that entailed people availing of 'ONE PLUS FIVE' and 'ONE PLUS SIX' components for residential and non-residential properties respectively. People could self-assess and pay the principal amount of the current and pending 5/6 years and get a waiver on all past pending dues including penalties and interest, as per the Scheme," it mentioned.

The Delhi LG while launching the scheme on 26.10.2022 had appealed to the people to proactively avail of SAMRIDDHI and contribute towards improving municipal infrastructure and services. He had directed officials to enhance the interface and facilitate the taxpayers rather than harassing them, an official statement said.

The property tax saw an increase of Rs 394.68 Cr to Rs 2409.51 Cr while revenue of advertisements saw a jump of 75.77 per cent.

"Property tax which stood at Rs 2014.68 Cr in 2021-22 jumped tentatively by Rs 394.68 Cr. to Rs 2409.51 Cr in 2022-23. Revenue from advertisements that stood at Rs.128.40 Cr. in 2021-22 registered a jump of 75.77 per cent and stood at Rs 225.69 Cr in 2022-23," the press release mentioned.
"Revenue from parking jumped from Rs 140.39 Cr. in 2021-22 to Rs 186.82 Cr. registering an increase of 33.07 per cent in 2022-23. Conversion charges that stood at Rs 255.31 Cr. in 2021-22 jumped 61.95 per cent to Rs 413.47 Cr. in 2022-23. Toll tax that stood at Rs 570.95 Cr. in 2021-22 registered a jump of 40.36 per cent at Rs 801.40 Cr in 2022-23, exceeding the set target of Rs 786 Cr. even at the tentative stage," it added.
Revenue from other means like licenses, additional FAR charges, C&D Waste and transfer duty etc. jumped from Rs 4139.51 Cr. in 2021-22 to Rs 4863.11 Cr in 2022-23, registering a jump of 17.48 per cent. (All figures for 2022-23 are tentative pending final reconciliation and are expected to grow further), an official statement said. (ANI)

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