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Delhi HC grants permission to gang rape victim to terminate 25-week pregnancy

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday granted permission to terminate the 25-week pregnancy carried by a gang rape victim. The minor victim had approached the court through her parents seeking permission to terminate the pregnancy. She was gang raped in Nepal in October last year.
Justice Prathiba M Singh after considering the report given by the Medical Board of LNJP Hospital allowed the petition. The High Court directed the LNJP Hospital to carry out the pregnancy termination procedure as soon as possible.
The report said that they can carry out the procedure. However, there is some risk in carrying out the procedure.
The risk factor was mentioned to the victim and her mother who was present through video conferencing during the hearing.
The doctor also said that the child may be born alive. In that case, the victim will have to stay in the hospital to look after the child.
The counsel for the petitioner thereafter sought the liberty to move an appropriate application in that case. The high court granted the liberty.
The Medical Board constituted on Wednesday filed a medical report of a minor.
The Bench had directed to constitute a medical board and to examine the victim. A report was also sought. Pursuant to the order a report was filed.
The minor is a victim of gang rape in Nepal in October last year. The parents of the girl live and work in Delhi.
The petition was moved by the parents of the minor Victim through advocate Anuj Kapoor.
They sought permission for the termination of pregnancy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.
The petitioner's counsel submitted that the minor is a victim of a brutal gang rape in Nepal in October 2022. She was with her male sibling in Nepal and the parents were in Delhi.
When the girl came to Delhi to meet her parents she realised that she is pregnant. Thereafter she consulted the doctor, the counsel submitted.
After the medical examination, it was found that she is pregnant and approach the doctor for termination of pregnancy. (ANI)

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