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Delhi govt writes to Haryana CM Saini requesting Yamuna water release in Munak Canal

New Delhi: Delhi's Water Minister Atishi on Sunday wrote a letter to Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini regarding the release of water in the Munal Canal by the Haryana government.

"I am writing this letter to seek your urgent intervention on the issue of non-release of water into the Yamuna river by Haryana. I have sent several correspondences to your goodself, unfortunately I have not received even an acknowledgement for the same," wrote Atishi.
"As you are aware, Delhi is dependent on water from Yamuna for our day-to-day needs. However, for the past few days, Haryana has not been releasing adequate amount of water in the Munak Canal. As a result of this, the people living in the national capital have been suffering unjustifiably," wrote Atishi.

Highlighting the agreement in the 53rd meeting of the Upper Yamuna River Board, which was convened on May 2018, around 1050 Cusec (i.e. 568 MGD) allocated to Delhi at Munak through CLC and DSB Canals, she wrote, "Considering the transmission loss, the allocation of 1050 Cusec at Munak corresponds to about 1013 Cusec (i.e. 548 MGD). This is measured by Delhi at the Bawana contact point, where the water enters Delhi, where flow meters have been installed by Delhi. These flow meters were checked by representatives of the Upper Yamuna River Board, last week itself."
"On an average, the water received at the Bawana contact point - even in the summers - is between 980 and 1030 cusecs. Data for the last 5 years is enclosed along with this letter. However in the last one week this has seen a drastic reduction," she emphasised in her letter.

She further highlighted that there are seven Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) in Delhi that are dependent upon Yamuna water. "Due to the deficit of raw water, our water treatment plants are unable to run at their optimum capacity. With the water from Munak Canal reducing to 840 cusecs, Delhi will be unable to produce adequate water from our 7 WTPs. If Haryana doesn't release the adequate amount of water by today, Delhi will have a major crisis in next 1-2 days. Therefore, I humbly request you to ensure that 1050 cusecs water is released from Munak Canal for Delhi," she wrote.
Meanwhile, residents of Delhi continue to face severe water crises as long lines of people around water tankers are seen in many areas of the national capital.

With piped water being disrupted, in several areas of the city water is being supplied to the people through tankers.
Visuals from Mayur Vihar and Okhla Phase 2 showed residents huddling around water tankers with buckets and cans in their hands to carry water. Delhi government blamed the water crisis on the Haryana government "blocking" Delhi's share of water. 

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