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Delhi govt allocates Rs 1700 cr as grant-in-aid for MCD schools, releases 400 cr in first quarter

New Delhi: Delhi government has allocated Rs 1,700 crores under the grant-in-aid scheme for MCD schools this year.
Education Minister Atishi made the announcement at a press conference at the Delhi Secretariat where she was flanked by Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi. Addressing the press conference, Atishi said, "Ever since the Kejriwal government came to power, education has always been the priority of our government. Every year, we work to ensure that the majority of the budgetary allocations are towards the education sector."
"But the education system of Delhi has been facing a crisis because government schools, which provide education from classes 1-5, come under MCD. Due to the lack of facilities and a proper learning environment, students from MCD schools often fall behind in their studies when they get admitted to our government schools. They lack basic foundational skills," Atishi added.
She added that after the makeover of Delhi's government schools, the administration in the national capital was now focused on making MCD schools similarly world-class.
"After Delhi's government schools, our government is now committed to making MCD schools world-class along the same lines. There are 9 lakh students studying at our MCD schools and the Kejriwal government will ensure that every child gets an equal opportunity and access to a quality education because MCD schools are responsible for strengthening foundational skills in children," said Atishi.

She added, "By increasing the budgetary outlay for education this year, the Kejriwal government has allocated Rs 1,700 crores as grant-in-aid for the development of MCD schools. This amount will support MCD in ensuring better infrastructure and facilities at its schools and also ensure timely disbursement of salaries to the staff. Of the total outlay of Rs 1700 crores, the first quarter fund of Rs 400 crores was released to the MCD today. This is the first step towards making MCD schools world-class."
Mayor Shelly Oberoi thanked Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Education Minister Atishi for providing funds for the betterment of MCD schools, saying, "Education has always been a priority for the Aam Aadmi Party as we believe that education is a medium that can contribute majorly to nation-building and taking the society forward. The architect of our Constitution, Dr B.R Ambedkar, had said as much."
She added, "There are around 1,500 schools within the MCD's jurisdiction, with a combined strength of about 9 lakh children and 19,000 teachers. On a recent visit to MCD schools, we found most of them in a poor state, requiring major and minor repairs."
The mayor informed further, "MCD schools are grappling with myriad challenges, including lack of infrastructure, CCTV cameras, desks for children, separate toilets for female students, drinking water dispensers and a severe shortage of manpower."
Shelly said, "The funds provided by the Delhi government will now be utilised in improving all the MCD schools. A world-class education model will also be implemented in MCD schools, along the lines of Delhi's government schools." (ANI)

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