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Delhi: Doctors perform hip ball replacement surgery in record time

New Delhi: Senior doctors at Fortis Escort Hospital in Delhi claimed to have created a world record regarding hip ball replacement surgery saying that it was completed in just 15 minutes 35 seconds.
The crucial surgery was performed on an 86-year-old woman last Friday and the surgery was completed by a team of doctors in just 15 minutes 35 seconds, the hospital authorities said. Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra, Director of Orthopedic Sciences, performed this surgery breaking his own record. Earlier on February 11, 2021, Dr Mishra performed a similar surgery and completed it in 18 minutes and a few seconds.
"We had an 86-year-old patient who was admitted the day before yesterday night with a fracture. A few days later, she got an old cardiac problem and underwent angiography and angioplasty procedures," Dr Mishra told ANI.
"A stent was put in her heart around 18 years ago. When she came to us, we took the clearance from the cardiology side. Angiography was done again to check whether the heart was functioning properly or not. The results showed it was functioning only at 30 per cent," said Dr Mishra.

"We worked on her like robotic surgery and finished it as quickly as possible. And it was not to set a record, but our focus was on the need of the patient. We had to perform the surgery as quickly as possible because the patient was on dual integrated therapy and for angiography cardiologists give heparin which causes more bleeding during the surgery. But because the patient was in pain, and suffering for around four or five days, so we took the decision to go for surgery within an hour after the angiography. We performed the surgery in 15 minutes and 35 seconds and now the patient is out of danger," said Dr Mishra.
"I used to perform this kind of surgery in 20 to 25 minutes. The last record is also in my name, which was around 18 minutes and two seconds. But this time the whole team was ready and they've done it in accordance with the patient's condition and requirements," he said.
Dr Vijay Kumar, the director of intervention cardiology, added that the patient was given quite a lot of blood-thinning tablets.
"She went for the angiography, and it was done from one side and as there was a disease, but definitely it was not a life-threatening one, and could be fixed after the orthopaedic surgery. Many patients after surgery or during surgery, can get heart attacks and that was explained to the family," said Dr Vijay Kumar.
In this surgery, Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra along with his team and Dr Anuj from the anaesthesia department, Dr Vijay Kumar in the cardiologist team, and the nursing staff made this surgery successful, the hospital authorities said. (ANI)

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