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Delhi CM puts forward '10 Kejriwal Guarantees', promises of free education, better healthcare

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday addressed a press conference and elaborated on promises which he termed as 'Kejriwal Guarantees'.
The Delhi Chief Minister ahead of the sixth phase of elections in Delhi on May 25 presented '10 Kejriwal guarantees.'
Addressing the press conference, Kejriwal said, "Today, we are going to announce 10 guarantees of Kejriwal for the Lok Sabha elections. This was delayed due to my arrest but there are still many phases of elections left. I have not discussed it with the rest of the INDIA alliance but this is like a guarantee that no one will have any problems with. I take this guarantee that after the INDIA alliance comes to power, I will make sure that these guarantees are implemented. Kejriwal's guarantee is a brand"
He added further, "These 10 guarantees are like the vision of India. There are some things that should have been completed in the last 75 years... These things are like laying the foundation stone of any nation. Without them, the nation cannot move ahead. Those works will be completed in the next five years."
Elaborating on the guarantees, the Delhi CM announced to provide up to 200 units of free electricity to all the poor in the country if voted to power. He said, "Out of the 10 guarantees, the first guarantee is that we will provide 24-hour electricity in the country. The country has the capacity to generate three lakh MW of electricity but the usage is only two lakh MW. Our country can produce electricity more than the demand. We have done it in Delhi and Punjab, we will do it in the country also as we have experience. We will provide up to 200 units of free electricity to all the poor. It will cost Rs 1.25 lakh crore, we can arrange it..."
The second guarantee is of providing free education. Presenting the figures, Kejriwal said, "The second guarantee is of education. About 18 crore students study in 10 lakh government schools who have no future. Today, the condition of our government schools is not good. Our second guarantee is that we will arrange good and excellent free education for everyone, be it a kid belonging to a poor family or rich family."
He added further, "Government schools will provide a better education than private schools. We have done it in Delhi and Punjab. This work should have been done at the time of independence only. Rs 5 lakh crores will be required for this. State governments will give Rs 2.5 lakh crores and central government will give Rs 2.5 crore for this..."
The third guarantee of Arvind Kejriwal is providing better healthcare. Describing the third guarantee, Kejriwal said, "...Today, the condition of our government hospital is not good in our country. Our third guarantee is better healthcare. We will arrange good treatment for everyone. Mohalla clinics will be opened in every village, every locality."
The Delhi CM also claimed that every citizen of the country will get a free treatment. "District hospital will be converted into a Multispeciality Hospital. Every person born in this country will get free treatment. Treatment will not be done on the basis of insurance as this is a big scam. We will create infrastructure. Rs 5 lakh crore rupees will be spent on healthcare. The state government will spend Rs 2.5 lakh crore and the Central government will spend Rs 2.5 lakh crore," Kejriwal said.
The fourth guarantee in the list of Kejriwal is 'Nation First'. He claimed that the land occupied by China will be freed and said, "Our fourth guarantee is 'Nation first'. China has occupied our land but our central government is denying it... There is a lot of strength in our army. All the land of the country which has been occupied by China will be freed. For this, efforts will be made at the diplomatic level on one side and the Army will be given complete freedom to take whatever steps it wants to take regarding this."
The Delhi CM also targeted the Agniveer Scheme and said, "A scheme like Agniveer is harmful for the army and the youth are also troubled by it. The Agniveer scheme will be withdrawn..."
Aam Aadmi Party on its official X handle posted about the other guarantees. These guarantees include the soldiers for whom the Agniveer scheme will be closed and all military recruitments will be done according to the old process. All the fire warriors recruited so far will be confirmed.
For farmers of the country, the party promised that by determining the MSP on all crops according to the Swaminathan Commission, farmers will be provided full prices for their crops.
AAP also vowed to get Delhi the status of a full state.
On unemployment, AAP said that unemployment will be removed in a systematic manner and promised that two crore jobs will be created in the next one year.
The ninth guarantee caters to corruption in which the party said that the existing system of sending honest people to jail and giving protection to the corrupt will be abolished.
The tenth and last guarantee is related to business in which the AAP said that GST will be ended. He said that GST will be taken out of PMLA (The Prevention of Money Laundering Act) and all laws and administrative systems will be simplified to promote trade and industry on a large scale.

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