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Delegation of National Conference, PDP, Congress leaders to meet ECI today

New Delhi: A delegation of the National Conference, PDP and Congress leaders will meet ECI today over the demand for elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
National Conference President Farooq Abdullah, Pramod Tiwari, People's Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti, and Naseer Hussain will be part of the delegation. On Wednesday, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) chief visited a temple in the Poonch district and offered prayers.
Bharatiya Janata Party termed Mufti's temple visit a "political gimmick."
BJP leader and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Kavinder Gupta had said, "I have also just come from the temple but the news is about her (Mehbooba Mufti) because she is doing something different."
It is very obvious when elections are coming they start doing these kinds of "drama and gimmickry," he said today.
"If they are really doing this with their whole heart then it's good. May god give them the wisdom to work for the country and Jammu and Kashmir. I hope they do not support Pakistan," Gupta had said.
Talking about PDP chief Mufti's visit, Udesh Pal Sharma, son of a late PDP leader had said, "We are very happy that she visited the temple. She is former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. She visited the temple, offered prayers and offered water (jal) to lord Shiva. She has set a very big example by visiting the temple."
"The former CM has given a message to the whole of Jammu and Kashmir that no one can destroy and harm the peace of J&K," he had told ANI.
Talking about the temple, he had said, "In November 2017, the construction of the temple was started by my father former PDP leader late Yashpal Sharma. Each and every person of Poonch have contributed to the making of the temple." (ANI)

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