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Criticism and a possible ‘WHIP’ from the state govt!

Jaipur: The unique manner in which Nagaur Collector Jitendra Kumar Soni celebrated his birthday has got the entire state bureaucracy in a perpetual discussion over the ‘event’, even as the state government has received a complaint about the Collector’s ‘actions’.

The birthday was celebrated publically with the ‘coordination’ of an NGO wherein more than one hundred needy children were distributed free slippers.

Those in the knowhow of the rules and regulations of state work claim that any civil servant celebrating his or her birthday in such a manner i.e. publically and with a private organization, is completely wrong and this behaviour is ill-suited to any official seated in a responsible position.

This is also in violation of the service rules and the birthday celebration, perhaps organized in extreme enthusiasm, has drawn major criticism.

Off late there has been a populist measure wherein even small-time politicians put up large hoardings of theirs in public places to make themselves appear as a serious and senior politician. However, for public servants, all such ‘pomps’ are restricted.

If the Nagaur Collector Jitendra Kumar Soni felt like distributing slippers to children, then this event could have been organised on Children’s Day or any national day and not on his birthday.

Now, there is word that the state government is mulling on issuing a strict guideline to avert such acts so that an end can be put to the complaints amassed with the state government.

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