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Create awareness on dangers of illicit liquor, says National Scheduled Caste panel chief after visiting TN hooch victims

Kallakurichi: The Director of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, S Ravivarman on Saturday visited Kallakurichi Government Hospital to meet the victims admitted after consuming illicit liquor.
At least 53 people have died and many are under treatment at various hospitals in Tamil Nadu in the wake of the hooch tragedy.
Ravivarman emphasised that it is the responsibility of political leaders to spread awareness about good and bad for the people.
"The doctors are working well. They have saved so many people. When the people came in time, they were saved. The people who came late could not be saved. Almost all the people (at the hospital) are safe, except six who are in critical condition. They (victims) live in a remote villages; they are illiterate, and they don't have enough money or knowledge to go and purchase methanol from the industry. It (creating awareness) is in the hands of political leaders, they should be the model for people...It (report) will take one to two days," he said.
Further, the Director of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes said that the incident should not have happened.
"This incident should not have not happened but unfortunately it did, and a few people lost their lives. People have to be careful. Awareness of how dangerous illicit liquor is needs to be created among men and women in villages. I have visited the victims in the hospital and inquired about their health condition," Ravivarman added.
Kallakurichi Superintendent of Police, Rajat Chaturvedi, said that raids are going on in the state over the incident and the police will release a statement soon.
"The CB-CID is taking over the investigation...Victims are better, it's getting better...Raids have been going on since yesterday, on this we will be giving a press note," he said.
Death toll in the Kallakurichi Hooch tragedy has risen from 50 to 53, officials said on Saturday.
Kallakurichi District Collector MS Prasanth said that out of the total 193 patients, who consumed illicit liquor, 140 are currently safe.
"So far, seven people have been arrested in the case. The case has been given to the CBI CID branch of Tamil Nadu Police. The patients are being given best treatment. Special doctors were mobilised in the initial stage. About 56 doctors were brought in from different medical colleges. Many patients who had respiratory problems, have recovered too," the Kallakurichi Collector said.
Meanwhile, ruckus erupted in the Tamil Nadu Assembly after AIADMK demanded discussion on Kallakurichi illicit liqour tragdy before Q & A session and when the Speaker refused they walked out.

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