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‘Cops can’t reach Rahul without orders from top’

New Delhi: CM Ashok Gehlot said the move of Delhi police to initiate an inquiry in wake of a remark made in Bharat Jodo Yatra was a clear case of “vendetta, intimidation and harassment” to create an atmosphere against the former Congress chief.

The inquiry has been initiated in the wake of Gandhi’s remark that “women are still being sexually assaulted.” The police have also sought information about the ‘victims’ to take up their plaints. “I condemn this. Today’s incident is beyond imagination. The govt’s focus is on Rahul Gandhi. Without directions from the top, the police cannot reach here,” he said. He said that lakhs of people have met Rahul and have given thousands of plaints. “Will cases be registered against all’? The entire nation is disturbed by today’s incident,” he said.

“Gandhi is ready to answer notice but cops visiting his residence is highly condemnable. Democracy is being crushed. Nation won’t forgive them,” he said.

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