Tuesday, March, 28,2023

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Congress top leaders should mind their language!

New Delhi: Several party leaders, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and party national president Mallikarjun Kharge, need to work on their language. If these leaders have to give speech in Hindi, then they will have to learn Hindi. It will not happen that every time they say some nonsense and say that the language is weak or they are Kannada speaking, Bengali speaking, that’s why the problem has arisen. It is okay once in a while, but if this is happening again and again, then this message will be go among masses that the Congress leaders do not give such statements because of their language problem, but deliberately do wrong things.

Kharge is the National President of Congress, so he needs to be more careful about his words. If he wants to speak Hindi, then learn it well or avoid its idioms, proverbs etc. because there is a danger of ruining the meaning.

Similarly, Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference in Jaipur that Chinese soldiers are beating up Indian soldiers. If he wanted to say something else, but due to lack of words, he said the word ‘pitai’ then that is a different matter. But if that’s what he really meant, then that’s too bad. This is also factually wrong as Chinese soldiers are not beating Indian soldiers anywhere. Even if there has been a clash between the two, Indian soldiers have also beaten up Chinese soldiers. There are videos of this as well and army officials also confirm this. Even if this is true, no leader should publicly question the valor of the army and the bravery of the soldiers. So, here comes the matter of both language and understanding of the matter.

A few days ago a big mistake was made by Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary, leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha. He had used the word ‘Rashtrapatni’ for President, which is an indecent remark. He later apologized for this and said that his Hindi is not good. But in the name of bad Hindi, he has committed these types of mistakes earlier also. He is the leader of the largest opposition party in the Lok Sabha and thus has a big responsibility. He cannot make mistakes like this again and again. On the other hand, in Madhya Pradesh, former Congress minister Raja Patria talked about PM. Did he not understand the difference between defeating and killing?

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