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Congress hits back with 'hoshiyari' jibe as Maharashtra Governor's remarks stir row

Mumbai: Congress has hit out at Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari's controversial remarks about Mumbai owing its financial capital status due to the hard work of Gujaratis and Rajasthanis.
"His name is 'Koshiyari', but as a governor, there is not a bit of 'hoshiyari' (smartness) in what he says and does. He is sitting on the chair only because he faithfully obeys the command of 'we two'," Congress spokesperson Jairam Ramesh tweeted apparently referring to the Maharashtra Cabinet comprising chief minister Eknath Shinde and deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. Controversy was stoked by Koshyari's remarks at an event yesterday in which the Governor had said that Mumbai wouldn't have been the financial capital if not for Gujaratis and Rajasthanis.
"If Gujaratis and Rajasthanis are removed from Maharashtra, especially Mumbai and Thane, no money would be left here," he said
"Mumbai would not be able to remain the financial capital of the country," the Governor said.
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state President and former Maharashtra Cabinet minister condemned Koshyari's remarks and said that Mumbai was standing on the hard work of Marathi workers.
In a tweet, the former water resources minister of Maharashtra said that certain dignitaries seemed to be trying hard to please their bosses in Delhi.
"The Governor is insulting the Marathi people of Maharashtra by staying in a five-star system. Is this statement acceptable to BJP in Maharashtra? Why is the governor repeatedly insulting the Marathi people and the glorious history of Maharashtra?" asked Jayant Patil.
"People who love other states should go there happily," Patil said.
"Mumbai has money not because of people from other states, Mumbai is standing on the hard work of Marathi workers of this state," he added.
Maharashtra Congress chief Nana Patole also condemned the governor's remark and called for his immediate removal.
"We condemn the remarks made by Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. He should apologise to the public. He should be removed from his position with immediate effect," Patole said.
Congress leader Sachin Sawant said the insult of the Marathi people by the governor of Maharashtra is terrible. He said, "It is terrible that the Governor of a state defames the people of the same state. During his reign, the level of the institution of the Governor and the political tradition of Maharashtra has not only deteriorated, but Maharashtra has also been continuously disrespected."
Koshyari in his speech praised the Marwari Gujarati community and said that wherever they go, they contribute to the development of the place by creating hospitals, schools, etc.
Earlier on Thursday, the NCP's state chief Jayant Patil took a dig at the delayed allotment of portfolios by the Eknath Shinde government in Maharashtra and said only a "two-man cabinet" was functional and problems of people due to the flood-like situation and other issues were being ignored.
Patil also suggested that differences between the alliance partners - BJP and Shiv Sena's Shinde faction - could be the reason for the delay in portfolio allotments.
The NCP leader's comments come at a time when the BJP and the Eknath Shinde faction of the Shiv Sena have come together to form the government in Maharashtra. While key portfolios are yet to be distributed, Shinde has taken over as the chief minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis has assumed office as deputy chief minister.
Patil termed the state of affairs a 'sad' one and said just 'a two-man cabinet' was in place.
"The oath ceremony was on June 30. It has been nearly a month but still, cabinet expansion has not taken place, only CM and deputy CM are functioning as the whole state cabinet. It's still a two-man cabinet of the Maharashtra Government," the NCP leader said. (ANI)

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